Sunday, 7 March 2010

Book Project.

I've felt as if i've been making some good progress with my book project images over the last week or so. I have decided to take my focus away from the media and news and have decided instead to look at speeches from throughout history, which i hope is a bit less broad. I find the expressions on peoples faces most interesting when they are giving a speech, and this has dictated the area that i am photographing. I am still trying to distort the images somewhat. I feel that if i do not do so, then there isn't anything to be gained from the images, i like the idea of attempting to break up the flow of communication through distortion of the visual image.

I hope now i have a little bit more time i will be able to post more on here. I did have the idea of posting a new photograph each day, but i don't think i'm ready for such a commitment yet. Maybe one day i will...


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