Friday, 30 October 2009

Interiors - A State of Mind

Started playing around with some ideas for my latest brief today. For this brief we are asked to explore an internal environment of our choice. We are also asked to consider freeing photography from its naturalistic roots and invest our internal space with symbolism, magic, theatre and imagination. Use our space, cell, room, chamber, time capsule as an extension of ourself to explore, experiment and conduct ideas dealing with issues of self, history, memory and time.

I decided to experiment with layering images over the interior of my house. So far i'm finding that it's difficult to get a consistent level of results, but there are some photographs that i feel have been quite successful. Enjoy,

Whispers Project

Now the project is finished i thought i'd share a few of the photos from my final series. This is the first neg i've scanned so far but i'll add some more once i've got the rest...

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Beer Fest!

Went to the Falmouth Beer Festival yesterday and sampled some pretty mind-blowing ciders/ginger beer. Here's a selection of photos taken that afternoon...